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Hollywood Smile & Smile Design in İstanbul, Turkey

Hollywood Smile & Smile Design

What is the Smile Design or Hollywood Smile? ​

Hollywood Smile & Smile Design

Digital Smile Design & Smile Makeover by Bergedent Istanbul, Turkey

Recently, especially aesthetic applications are presented to the patients in form of different studies, paying special attention to the specific points within certain criteria.

Through the development of digital technologies, especially the fact that we work with digital intraoral scanners, we can now take our measurements digitally.

Delivering them to the laboratories immediately allows us to perform different studies on the computer by matching all the photos taken of the patient and outside of the mouth.

That’s why you started to create this smile design, or this smile design we call “hollywood smile”, provided that we make some mockups with different methods. (why is it called Hollywood design?)

Therefore, we get a preliminary idea by showing this smile design, which we have started to create.

Afterwards we can finish the smile design in line with the patient’s liking. This allows us to create a healthier and more beautiful aesthetics approved by the patient when we finish the job.

Hollywood Smile Design is a work that is specifically prepared for the person and includes sub-studies such as colour selection, model work, aesthetic plan, gingival aesthetics.

What is the Hollywood Smile - Smile Make over Procedure?

When you smile, it is usually your lower 10 and upper 10 teeth that are visible from the outside.

Hollywood Smile or Smile Makeover procedure provides you better looking smile. Almost you need 10 upper 10 lower porcelain veneers. 

On the other hand, in some cases, 20 porcelain veneers may not be enough for aesthetic seems.

In such cases, it is necessary to produce a solution with 14 upper and 14 lower porcelain veneers.