The #1 Dental Implantology Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey


  • 1 of the top 5 dental clinics in Turkey as listed on Medical Departures
  • Turkey’ most technologically advanced clinic.
  •  With 35 years of expertise, it ranks as one of Turkey’s most veteran clinics.

A Fusion of Exceptional Dentistry and Cultural Splendor


The World Class Dental Clinic of Turkey

But what truly sets us apart is our commitment to our international patients.

With over 1,500 satisfied clients from abroad each year, we pride ourselves on creating not just beautiful smiles, but also unforgettable, comfortable experiences.

From the moment you step into our clinic to the joyous journey back home, we ensure every aspect of your visit is seamless and fulfilling.

Beyond Borders, Beyond Expectations: 

Dental Treatments Aligned with European Quality Guidelines.

Meet the top dentist in Turkey and experience unparalleled value! 

Bergedent, specializing in health tourism, works with a reliable and experienced team to provide the best service to our patients. Our clinic is equipped with the latest technological equipment and offers our patients the highest quality of treatment.

Additionally, the dentists working at our clinic improve their skills by participating in local and international training programs. This allows us to offer our patients the best treatment options and achieve the best results.

Bergedent provides a comfortable and safe environment for our patients and commits to adhering to hygiene rules during all treatments. We prioritize serving our patients and will always do our best to help them achieve the best results.

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A Blend of Traditional Values and Modern Techniques

At Bergedent, the harmonious blend of traditional Turkish hospitality with cutting-edge dental technology is immediately evident. This unique combination ensures patients receive care rooted in warmth and precision. From the moment you step into their clinic, it’s evident that this isn’t just about fixing teeth—it’s about holistic healing.

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Comprehensive Services Under One Roof

No more hopping from one clinic to another. Whether it’s cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, orthodontics, or preventive care, Bergedent has it all. Their comprehensive collection of services ensures that all dental needs are catered to with the utmost professionalism.

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An International Reputation

The clinic doesn’t just cater to the local population. Thanks to its reputation and world-class services, patients from across the globe flock to Bergedent. The international clientele is a testament to the clinic’s unwavering commitment to excellence. Their multilingual staff ensures communication is seamless, making the dental journey feel just like home.

dentist turkey
dentist turkey
dentist turkey

The Bottom Line

Turkey, with its rich history, cultural tapestry, and breathtaking landscapes, is now also becoming renowned for its contribution to health tourism. At the forefront of this revolution is Bergedent, setting the gold standard for dental clinics not just in Turkey, but around the world.

If you’re considering a dental trip to Turkey, make it a point to visit Bergedent. Here, every smile is a masterpiece in the making.

A Commitment to Patient Care

One can’t speak of Bergedent without mentioning its stellar patient care. From the first consultation to post-treatment follow-ups, the team leaves no stone unturned. Every step is mapped out with precision, ensuring the patient’s comfort, safety, and satisfaction.

Expertise That Speaks for Itself

At the helm of Bergedent’s operations is a team of renowned dental professionals. Their collective experience spans decades, and their expertise is regularly showcased through the smiles of their patients. Their work isn’t just about technical proficiency; it’s about artistry. It’s about bringing to life the vision that the patient has for their smile.

Sustainability and Responsibility

Bergedent’s commitment extends beyond just dental care. They are pioneers in promoting sustainable practices within the dental industry. Eco-friendly materials, energy-saving technologies, and waste management systems are integral parts of their operations.

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