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What are Dental Veneers and Crowns?

Patients who have got damaged teeth might want to consider getting a dental crown. One of the benefits of a dental crown is that it can protect the tooth and prevent extraction from being necessary.

There are many kinds of materials, such as metal or porcelain crowns. Patients can also look for more natural options, which would suit their mouth. The dentist will help you find the right crown to repair your broken tooth.

Dental Crowns vs Veneers by Bergedent Istanbul, Turkey

If the tooth has become damaged, a patient might find the tooth has become weak or worn out. The process to get the crown depends on whether the patient receives a multi-day or same-day procedure. But when done traditionally, the patient will need two dental visits. The dentist starts by preparing the damaged tooth which is followed by filing the tooth down and doing X-rays.

The tooth must get filed so it can adopt the crown better. After preparation of the dental crowns, the dentist takes an impression of the area so that the new crown will fit correctly. The patient might receive a temporary dental crown. Since the temporary one will not fit but the finished one, the patients would need to pay attention not to damage the area.

What is the Cost of Crowns at UK?

It could take a couple of weeks for the lab to create the permanent dental crown; but after finishing it, the patient can receive the dental crown on the tooth. If the patient has a same-day procedure, it will be a little different, which the patient gets a digital model made of the teeth.


The dentist uses the scan to create a crown using the software on the computer. Then the patient only needs to wait a few hours for the procedure to be completed. Certainly, not every dentist has got that technology, so the patients need to ask about it beforehand.

Once The Dental Crown is Applied

After getting a dental crown, the patient needs to care for it correctly, thence it can last many years to come. In order to prevent the area from decaying, the patient needs to brush the teeth frequently, by means that the patient should brush his/her teeth twice a day or more often. The patient may wish to use a toothpaste for more sensitive teeth.

The area near the crown could feel sensitive to heat or cold. And flossing is another way of keeping the teeth in great condition. Patients might want to avoid having tough foods since those might cause cracking, in fact porcelain is even more likely to crack. The dentist might choose to provide to the patient a nightguard to stop the crown from breaking because of grinding.

Crowns in Bergedent Istanbul, Turkey

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