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Bergedent Esthetic Dentistry and Implantology Clinic Price List

Turkey’s the most prosperous and reputable dental clinic in Implantology and Cosmetic Dentistry. Take a look at our wide range dental procedures. 

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Before taking a look at the price list, please read the text below carefully.

From welcoming our patients from abroad to transferring them to our clinics, we provide professional services at every stage until their way back home, including the procedures during and after the treatment.


Our professional and expert International Patient Unit department consists of a team that provides support to our guests in all matters. 

Before you arrive in Turkey, our team who is responsible for your consultancy services during and after your trip, and the arrangements for the diagnosis, treatment, invoice, transportation, translation & accommodation plans an exclusive treatment process for you.

With years of experience, we know your needs and expectations very well and we offer you a comprehensive range of services.

1- Contact Us: You can reach us via e-mail, telephone or online communication lines, and you can ask any question that comes to your mind. International patient department officials serving in 2 different languages will get back to you within 24 hours. (Contact links)

2- Appointment Planning: As a result of the consultation, your appointments would be made and a detailed treatment plan would be presented to you.

3- Transportation and Accommodation: Your hotel reservations that you choose or that we recommend would be made before you arrive, and your transfer from the airport to the hotel would be provided.

4- Medical Diagnosis and Treatment Process: After the examination by our dentists, the treatment plans would be reviewed and the treatment process begins.

Tour: Would you like to witness the magical atmosphere of Istanbul, and take a trip with professional guides before or after the operation? It would be enough to state that you want to have this experience with your companion.

Online Examination

You can send your photos taken from the different angles of the area where the application will be made through the guidance of our International Patient Unit, and help us to examine further of the condition of the area to be treated.

Thanks to the photos that our dentists review, we can quickly make a cost estimation and create a convenient treatment plan. In this way, you will get an average cost information and you will also have information about your treatment process while you are still in your country.

Let's take a look at price list of Dentist Turkey

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Note: All implants have lifetime guaranteed and certified by your name.

Porcelain Veneers, Implant Crowns, Emax have 5 Years Guarantee

Price List by Bergedent Istanbul, Turkey

DENTAL TREATMENTS Price Time&Accomodation
1 Hour
Composite Filling
1 Hour
Root Canal Treatment (1-2-3 Roots)
€100 -€130
According to Patient 2 Hours- Twice Day in a Week
1 Day
Night Guard Hard Plastic
1 Day
Gum Counturing with Dental Laser
2 Hours
Teeth Cleaning (per Jaw)
1 Hour
Deep Cleaning (per jaw)
2 Hours
1 Hour
Wisdom Tooth Operation
2 Hours
Embedded Tooth Operation
2 Hours
According to Patient up to 5 Days
Monolithic Zirconia
1 Visit in 6-7 Days
1 Visit in 6-7 Days
Porcelain Crown (metal Blacked)
1 Visit in 6-7 Days
1 Visit in 6-7 Days
Inley-Onley (cad-cam )Emax
1 Day
Denture (per jaw)
2 Days
According to Patient 2 Hours - 2 Days
Bego Implants
Nobel Biocare Alpha Bio Implants
Implatech One Implants (Made in Turkey)
Hiossen USA
All on 6 Bredent (German)
6(pcs) Bredent Implant-Temprorary Crowns-Porcelain Crowns--All Transfers-5 Stars Accommodation
4(pcs) Nobel Implant-Temprorary Crowns-Porcelain Crowns-All Transfers-5 Stars Accommodation
Eco Hollywood Smile Package
10 x 2 (20pcs) Premium Zirconia supported by Emax-All Transfers-5 Stars Accommodation
Premium Hollywood Smile Package
10 x 2 (20pcs) Premium Emax-Laminated Porcelain Veneers-All Transfers-5 Stars Accommodation

Payment Options: Cash, credit card, wire transfer

Note: The center may require a money deposit once a patient decides to choose the treatment.

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