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What does an implant do?

Dental implant treatment in other words implant is the best and most modern oral treatment method that can be used as an alternative to natural teeth in the treatment of tooth deficiencies.

Implants are titanium tooth roots that are applied to replace the tooth tissue lost for any reason such as caries or trauma. Dental implant treatment is the best known and most modern treatment method that can be used as an alternative option to the natural teeth for the treatment of tooth deficiencies.

Important Information and Questions About Dental Implant Treatment Policy;

It offers more aesthetic, functional and phonetic features compared to the classical bridge and palate prostheses.

Today, thanks to the new and technological materials, implant application can be done much easier, painless, and quickly.

Through the new materials applied with titanium, the implants now adhere to the jawbone more quickly. Thus, prosthesis applications can be made on the implementation immediately.

How Much Does a Tooth Implant Treatment Cost for a Single Tooth by Bergedent Istanbul, Turkey?

In recent years, the success rate in dental implants has been 99% thanks to the surface called SLA Active surface on the implants. You can check our prices page for more information.

In fixed prostheses, the most important advantage is that the missing teeth can be covered without the need to adjust the adjacent teeth. Especially in single tooth deficiencies, the fixed prosthesis can be applied instead of the removable prosthesis in case of excessive tooth loss. On the other hand, the biggest disadvantage of the total prostheses – which is colloquially called as palate prosthesis – is the prevention of movement of the prosthesis.

How much does a tooth implant cost UK?

In fixed prostheses, the most important advantages are that the missing teeth can be closed without the need for preparations of adjacent teeth, especially in single tooth deficiencies.

And fixed prosthesis can be made instead of removable prosthesis in cases of excessive tooth loss.

In addition, the biggest disadvantage of prostheses, which we call total prosthesis and popularly called palate prosthesis, is prevented from moving prosthesis.

Dental implants better than dentures. It is like your teeth root.

How is a dental implant done at Bergedent Istanbul, Turkey?

Of course, implants cannot replace conventional prostheses in all restorations. The important thing here is the physician to apply the right treatment with his knowledge and experience.

There is no age limit to for the implementation. Implants can be applied to any person who is fully grown.

The latest innovation in dental implants is the flapless, that is, a seamless implant application technique. In the flapless technique, the implementation is applied without cutting the gingiva and therefore without any stitching.

In this way, the implant application process can be carried out painlessly and without any bleeding.

Thanks to this latest innovation, the implant application time has decreased to a level that can be measured in minutes.

How Painful Is a Tooth Implant Operation by Bergedent Istanbul, Turkey?

We prefer that the implants used in our clinic to be tissue-friendly products in terms of health. Our implants we use for treatment are FDI (American Health Organization) and CE approved. Implants should be applied shortly after the tooth loss. You can have healthy mouth and teeth in a short time with early treatment without loss of jawbone. For people whose bone structure is not suitable, the bone structure can be strengthened by the application called “graft addition”. In this way, implementation treatment can be applied easily to our patients who have experienced a bone resorption.


What is the downside of dental implants?

The implant surgery is not a scary operation as it is thought. Through the developing technology, you can now have healthy and beautiful teeth in a shorter time.

Implants can cover an average period of one and a half months, including the healing process of the treated area on a patient who has gone through a tooth extraction process.

In addition, thanks to the healing properties and biocompatibility of the dental implants we use.  the dental root procedure of our patients who have had tooth extraction before, can be realized in a period of at least three weeks and at most two months. 


Tooth Implant Supported Prosthetic Treatments

Implant-supported, fixed, or removable dentures can be applied in different forms depending on the missing tooth structure of our patient, the type and number of implants applied.

Generally, in the long term, our patients prefer fastened prostheses, namely crown-bridge applications. We recommend using porcelain supported zirconium replacement as much as possible for these prostheses.

Since the dental implants and superstructure parts used are precious metals, we pay attention to the tissue-friendly precious alloys in the fastened prosthesis to be made on them.

Apart from these, sometimes we may have to make root-supported removable prostheses. In this case, we recommend making two or four dental plants with a locater attachment or bar supported total prostheses, telescope attachment prostheses, screwed semi-fixed prostheses with tissue support.


What is the 3 Reasons of Poor Implant Treatment

  • Inexperienced dentists
  • No name implants
  • Unused technologies

We decide what kind of prosthesis to be made, depending entirely on the wishes and desires of the patient, according to the general health status. The number of dental plants, and intraoral measurement values.

Dental implants are an investment in your health and happiness.

Whilst the cost of an plant surgery is not cheap, the cost of replacing the gap of missing tooth & teeth with a bridge or denture can add up over the years and eventually cost much more than an plant.

What are the side effects of the implant?

It is worth the investment to improve the quality of your life, your smile and overall confidence. We only ever prescribe the oral handling that is necessary. If you are searching for a bargain, please keep in mind the calibre of dentistry. 

We offer the international dental materials and the dental procedures under warranty. We do offer value but never at the cost of the quality of care provided or products we use at the dental implant treatment.


How long does the implant procedure take at Bergedent Istanbul, Turkey?

Placing a single implant may take as little as thirty minutes whilst a complex dental implants surgery (all-on-four or all-on-six implants) which requires multiple replacements can take 2-3 hours.

After the implant is placed, in order to allow the implant to properly heal and fuse with the jawbone (osseo-integration, which means the direct structural and functional connection between living bone and the surface of the implant) the patient must allow a minimum of 3 months recovery time and will schedule a follow-up appointment 3-6 months later.

We will tell you the exact treatment time frame at your dental plant consultation.

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