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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

wisdom teeth

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom tooth extractions are the most feared tooth extractions regarding the fact that they are perceived as being difficult among the public. Depending on the extraction techniques, wisdom tooth extractions are actually not as difficult as it seems. It is not different from a normal tooth extraction, especially the application is much easier when in the upper jaw.

Since our lower jawbone is a more compact bone in the mandible, and it is a harder bone, tooth extractions are a little more difficult in that area. It may take a long time to remove it because it is in the very back area and at the corner point, which may require surgery.

Depending on these operations, wisdom teeth extractions may take 30 – 45 minutes, sometimes up to 1 hour. In some cases, stitching can be necessary, but in general, the recovery period of the patient takes a little longer (stitching yuzunden mi recovery uzun suruyor anlamadim?). This occurs especially after the extraction of the wisdom tooth in the lower jaw.

Through the drugs given, traumatic extraction techniques, a properly performed operation, and then a good care of the patient; recovery would happen within a week to ten days, with almost no complications.

Therefore, it is not a tooth extraction that should be feared of too much. In some cases, the tooth may become infected. Even a wisdom tooth that has not erupted can cause an infection in the soft tissue due to its movement in the tissue. In cases of swelling and aching, antibiotics can be started to prevent the infection before the extraction. And after the extraction, it can be ensured that the post-operative process is comfortable with the painkillers.


Why Should Wisdom Teeth be Extracted?

Of course, there is no such requirement. Wisdom teeth don’t necessarily need to be extracted. In some cases, the erupted wisdom teeth are being kept in the mouth like the normal teeth, as they contribute positively to chewing.

However, for individuals who generally receive orthodontic treatments, it is recommended to remove the wisdom teeth before it erupts, considering that the teeth may change the course of the organic array of the teeth and become crooked again due to the pressure on other teeth during the eruption.

In some cases, wisdom teeth can be extracted because it is in the very back region which make it very difficult to clean, and it can cause odour in the mouth and caries on other teeth. But again, the wisdom tooth can also be preserved in the mouth like a normal tooth.