What should you pay attention to while being treated in Turkey?

Why is dental treatment affordable in Turkey?

Dental Treatment, especially dental implant treatment, is definitely a surgical operation.
Not every best price offer can provide good dental treatment. Undoubtedly, the biggest motivation for you to want to get dental treatment in Turkey is the affordable prices in dental treatment.

How can we distinguish between affordable quality treatment and very cheap but poor quality treatment?

Please research carefully when choosing your clinic and doctor.

The physician you will receive implant treatment must be a physician who has proven himself in the field of implants and is an expert.

The 5 most important things to consider in dental treatment:

There are several main reasons why dental treatment in Turkey is affordable.
The first of these, as we all know, is the exchange rate difference in recent periods.
Another reason is the 5000 dentists graduated from universities in Turkey every year.
In other words, there are many well-trained dentists in Turkey when compared to Europe.

Because of the above reasons, getting dental treatment in Turkey saves a lot of money when compared to Europe.

Unfortunately, this abundance does not always provide advantages as desired.

Those who enter into competition far from the ethics and morals of the health sector
In order to get more patients, it offers ridiculous prices by turning to low-quality products and minimizing their costs, but using bad products.

This big mistake made also stains good clinics in Turkey.

Examples of Dental Treatment Prices in Turkey:

Turkey may be cheaper than your country in terms of exchange rate. However, please remember that the best price offer you accept is possible by carrying products that will directly affect your health in your mouth. As the quality of these products decreases, the quality of your treatment will also decrease.

You can buy quality affordable but not cheap.

How can we get top quality dental treatment at an affordable price?


Another problem is; For example, we have seen prices of 250-300 USD in implant treatment prices recently.
When we asked our foreign patients to call the mentioned clinics and talk to them, we could not believe our ears.
To put it simply, implant treatment consists of 3 parts.
1) Implant
2) Connector
3) Abutment

Good dental clinics give one price for these 3 elements.
However, the dental clinic, which gives an implant price of $250, sells $150 for the connection apparatus and $200 for the Abutment, ie $600, but pretends to sell it for $250.

Because it is not possible to get the implant treatment by $250.

You have to take care about implant treatment because it’s a surgical operation. 

Another example for Porcelain Veneers:

You can get veneers by giving €80-€100 in Turkey. But it would be not porcelain and It is almost impossible to even use it for 1-2 years. Anyway, the porcelain veneers costs of clinic are already more than €100 if you want to use right product.

Before you decide;

Please research the clinic you will be treated properly while researching your treatment. Research doctors and their training.

When you return to your country after having your dental treatment done at the point where you get the cheapest price in Turkey, do not write articles like “why you shouldn’t get dental treatment in turkey”.

Choosing the cheapest and not getting the quality treatment you want shouldn’t be an excuse to slander good clinics in Turkey.